About Me

Ben Wolfson

I’m a postdoctoral fellow in cancer immunotherapy. I’m focused on rapidly bringing combination therapies to the clinic, and identifying novel off-label use cases for standard-of-care therapies and identifying new treatment strategies for underserved patient populations.

In 2018 I received my PhD in Molecular Medicine with a focus on cancer biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

I’m passionate about the intersection between science/technology and society, policy and the future, and enjoy exploring these fields through my own personal research and writing. I also apply these interests through serving as the Editor-inChief/blog-manager for the blog Science Policy for All¬†and as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Science Policy and Governance, where I enjoy helping other early-career writers craft well written news and policy articles.

Outside of work I enjoy good coffee, running, baking, and helping organize book and board games groups.