About Me

I’m a CRTA Postdoctoral research fellow in the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology (LTIB) at the National Cancer Institute working on novel drug combinations for immunotherapy.

I conducted my thesis research at the University of Maryland Baltimore, where I investigated the role of microRNA-140 in regulation of stromal cell homeostasis in the mammary microenvironment. While miR-140 is a well-characterized regulator of cancer stem cell signaling in breast cancer, working under the guidance of Dr. Qun Zhou, I investigated how differential miR-140 expression regulates differentiation of stromal cells. We demonstrated that miR-140 is necessary for white adipogenesis, and that obesity mediates inhibition of miR-140, which promotes mammary myofibroblast differentiation. We then translated these findings into a Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease model, and demonstrated that loss of miR-140 is sufficient to induce NAFLD without additional pro-inflammatory factors.

Outside of the lab, I’m interested in how policy regulates science and how science influences and informs policy. I’m an avid reader, news/podcast junky and interested in creating a better world both with science and without.