The week in Science and Science Policy 10/22/17-10/29/17

By | October 30, 2017

1. Read this fantastic interview with sociologist/science philosopher Bruno Latour

Latour is one of the premier contemporary thinkers examining how we do science and what “science” actually is. While he’s been accused of jeopardizing science and paving the way to science denial (especially in the realms of climate change), this does not make his research any less valuable.

This interview with Science is a fantastic look back on Latour’s work, his thoughts on the current state of science and “alternate facts”, and where he thinks we can go from here.

2. The March for Science struggles to march on.

Six months after the March for Science, the movement lives on but is struggling. Several articles this week described how the organization is struggling to turn the highly successful march into a non profit organization for science advocacy and education.

3. The wait for President Trump to appoint a science advisor has broken modern records, surpassing the 276 days that President George W. Bush took.

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